Phoenix Fighters Episode Guide

She's A Diamond
The Ties That Bind
Malik Must Die
Scarlet Letter
Summer Lovin'
One Fine Day
Call of the Wild
Be Your Own Windkeeper
The Collector's Edition
What I Did For Love
Twisted Every Way
Chain of Command
The Botan Boys
Til Death Do Us Part
The Great Rescue Part One
The Great Rescue Part Two
Broken Lines
The Dust of Life
The Persephone Game
Monkey Business
The Calatia Affair

Monkey Business

On an advance mission, Tranns and Philip come upon the dead body of a pregnant woman.  Upon closer inspection, they discover that the baby is still alive and have an emergency C-section performed before sending the child across the border.  Later that night, haunted by what she saw, Tranns goes to the kitchen.  There, Shawn learns what's come to pass and falls into a deep depression, once again haunted by the thought of his former wife who was expecting their first child any moment.
Lex and Casey do their best to comfort Shawn with the aid of a tapas bottle Lex has kept stored in her room.  The three of them spend the night drinking and wake up in a complete stupor.  Not only do they not remember what happened during the night, but they have somehow been de-evolved to a point where all they can think about is finding more tapas.  The drink has been doctored and they have been turned into cavemen.
Milady shows up at that moment.  She promises to give them more to drink if they do her one little favor.  She wants a DNA sample from Philip.  Eager to gain more tapas, the trio lumber through the House and up the stairs to Philip's bedroom, where he is occupied with Ariadne.  Tumbling in through the door, Casey attacks Philip while Lex and Shawn both pin down Ariadne.  Reluctantly to hurt their friends, Philip and Ariadne don't fight back until Casey pulls a handful of hair out of Philip's head.
Philip and Ariadne manage to wrangle the ape people enough for Ariadne to open a portal beneath them.  They drop down into the lobby and scamper over Amorette and Alastor, returning to the kitchen.  There, they give Milady Philip's hair.  She in turn gives them tapas and matches, intent on causing chaos in the House, but Adriana walks in at that moment.  She offers them her shiny earrings if they attack Milady, which they do.  Milady leaves in a huff.
The group are sobered up, realizing both that Lex has a tail and that the three of them have spent the night behaving very inappropriately.  Things begin to calm down.  The trio apologize to Philip and Ariadne, then to each other.  Shawn and Casey promise not to tell anyone about Lex's secret demon heritage and as a gesture of good faith, they confess about their marriage to her.  Just when everything is returning to normal though, Lex makes a startling discovery:  She's pregnant and Shawn is the father.