Phoenix Fighters Episode Guide

She's A Diamond
The Ties That Bind
Malik Must Die
Scarlet Letter
Summer Lovin'
One Fine Day
Call of the Wild
Be Your Own Windkeeper
The Collector's Edition
What I Did For Love
Twisted Every Way
Chain of Command
The Botan Boys
Til Death Do Us Part
The Great Rescue Part One
The Great Rescue Part Two
Broken Lines
The Dust of Life
The Persephone Game
Monkey Business
The Calatia Affair

The Collector's Edition

The entire House takes sides in Aden and Mia's break up.  Tristan, upon seeing a heartbroken Mia, instantly falls in love with her, but Mia is in no mood to deal with men.  Meanwhile, to keep his mind off of matters, Aden dives into his work and discovers that the Wayist monks who normally deliver supplies to the House are a week late in their normal delivery.  Concerned over the well being of the monks, Aden sends Shawn, Jesse, and Philip to investigate.
When they arrive at the mission, they discover all the monks have been brutally murdered.  The only survivor is a funny man named Gyges, claiming to be from Padua.  He tells them that a mysterious woman with a sword came and killed everyone, but didn't see him.  Gyges begs the men to take him back to the House, which they do, despite his abbrasive, boisterous personality.  Back at the House, Gyges manages to charm everyone, but his interest seems entirely centered on Pipira.
Philip and Joey both separately confide in Ariadne how shaken they are by the events that have taken place at the mission.  Meanwhile, Shawn asks Gyges if he's noticed anyone matching Casey's description.  When Gyges says he has, Shawn asks him for more information.  Gyges tells Shawn and Jonas that he will help them for a price:  Pipira.  Gyges is a collector who collects rare items and people and he desires to have Pipira as part of his collection.  Shawn and Jonas refuse to help him and Gyges doesn't seem to mind.
A new stranger arrives named Xanthias, claiming to be looking for his friend Gyges.  When the two of them meet in the lobby, suddenly all the Phoenix Fighters present lose their vocal inhibitions and start saying whatever is on their minds.  During this chaos, Mia and Aden both exchange a lot of pent up anger.  The moment Gyges leaves, however, the spell seems to stop.  Gyges wanders into the kitchen to have a conversation with Pipira.  Xanthias follows and soon everyone in the kitchen is unable to hold their tongues.
Gyges tries to make a grab for Pipira, but Xanthias figures out what he's doing and also grabs her.  As they play tug-of-war with Pipira, Ariadne comes into the kitchen and tells Jonas to use Casey's crystal on them.  Both Gyges and Xanthias are Ebene.  Shawn begins to throttle Gyges as Joey walks in.  She reads Gyges and learns that he was responsible for killing the monks.  He did this to lure the Phoenix Fighters to the mission in order to get an invitation to the House.  She also learns that Gyges did, in fact, encounter Casey, but he cannot be questioned because Shawn has killed him.
Xanthias seems pleased, explaining that he came to stop Gyges.  He further explains that the reason the Phoenix Fighrers couldn't hold their tongues when both men were in the room is because of a spell, cast by the Ebene, on the two men in order to keep them from killing each other.  An unfortunate side effect is that it causes others to lose their inhibitions.  Xanthias is bitterly sent away as Joey tries to piece together what she saw of Gyges' memory.  Meanwhile, a depressed and dejected Pipira is comforted by Amorette.