Phoenix Fighters Episode Guide

She's A Diamond
The Ties That Bind
Malik Must Die
Scarlet Letter
Summer Lovin'
One Fine Day
Call of the Wild
Be Your Own Windkeeper
The Collector's Edition
What I Did For Love
Twisted Every Way
Chain of Command
The Botan Boys
Til Death Do Us Part
The Great Rescue Part One
The Great Rescue Part Two
Broken Lines
The Dust of Life
The Persephone Game
Monkey Business
The Calatia Affair
The Great Rescue Part Two

Two days pass and Jesse and Pfalz return to the House with no knowledge of Shawn, Eris, or Amorette's whereabouts. Casey scampers into the office, and requests permission to go to Ozdust where her family is.  The request is granted, and she leaves the House as soon as she can. She is quickly followed by Cecilia, Lex, and Jake, who know that she isn't going to Ozdust. As a matter of fact, she heads straight towards the Ebene stronghold. The three are quickly revealed and they set up camp. A couple of days later, a confused and beaten Shawn stumbles upon the camp, carrying Eris. They take him back to the House.
After much quarreling with Aden, the spell on Adriana wears off when she realizes her true love for him, which makes Kazuo more angry. Cirrus tells him it was because he mixed the potion with another drink, which deluded it. Things start becoming awkward between Adriana and Kazuo, which begins straining their friendship. Kazuo begins focusing more on Mia, and he quickly becomes worried about her when she becomes sick and starts coughing up blood.  Casey makes a guess that Mia has ulcers, but only Valero can make a true diagnosis, something he is unable to do as his fears for Amorette manifest in the form of his more sadistic personalities.
Sito quickly starts trying to form a search party to find Amorette before Valero can harm anyone.  Along with Philip, Ariadne, and Bendix, he sets out.  Soon, Ariadne picks up the scent of another demon and the group votes to follow it to the stronghold of the Ebene.
Klein appears on the balcony of the stronghold with Amorette in chains behind him.  Ariadne distracts them long enough for Bendix to fly up to the balcony and threaten Klein's life.  The Ebene officer relents and Ariadne cuts Amorette loose.  Just as they are about to make a clean escape, however, Klein throws a knife at Amorette.  Although Ariadne manages to catch it, Bendix becomes enraged, stabbing Klein with his talons.  Klein falls off the balcony and disappears in a portal.
As the group starts to escape, Amorette digs in her heels and exclaims she must go back. She hurries back to the stronghold, closely followed by Ariadne and Bendix, and makes her way down corridors until she reaches the holding cells. The trio finds Dagllas chained to a wall. Ariadne quickly frees him, and as Bendix fights off a horde of advancing Ebene, they make their escape and head back to camp and home.