Phoenix Fighters Episode Guide

She's A Diamond
The Ties That Bind
Malik Must Die
Scarlet Letter
Summer Lovin'
One Fine Day
Call of the Wild
Be Your Own Windkeeper
The Collector's Edition
What I Did For Love
Twisted Every Way
Chain of Command
The Botan Boys
Til Death Do Us Part
The Great Rescue Part One
The Great Rescue Part Two
Broken Lines
The Dust of Life
The Persephone Game
Monkey Business
The Calatia Affair

The Calatia Affair

While out on a nightly patrol, Ariadne discovers a frightened young man hiding in some bushes.  He says that his name is Wesley and that he is carrying a message from Queen Senara Lennox of Calatia for Adriana.  When he discovers Ariadne is a Phoenix Fighter, he asks her to accompany him to the house.  She agrees, although she gives him an order not to look directly at her, as she is in her demon form.  Wesley agrees, although once they enter the House, he sees her and panics.  A group of Phoenix Fighters gathered in the lobby rise to Ariadne’s defense.  Adriana exits the office to see what the commotion is.  She ushers a nervous Wesley into her office as a sullen Ariadne retreats back up to her room.

A few minutes later, Adriana comes back out to the lobby and calls a meeting.  Before she says anything, a mournful Tranns informs the house that Aden has taken a turn for the worst and is not expected to live very much longer.  Without pausing for time to mourn, Ana tells the House that she has been communicating with Queen Senara for a few months in an attempt for Calatian troops to provide additional aid near the southern border of Shaldani.  After much deliberation, Senara has agreed to help on the condition that Adriana, or another official of the House, travels to Calatia to personally negotiate.  Adriana says she cannot attend, and asks for a volunteer to go in her stead.  After some hesitation, Amorette agrees to go.  That night, Adriana and Amorette cram over proper court behavior, dress, and general etiquette.

The next morning Amorette leaves.  She arrives in Calatia in time for the evening court, where she introduces herself to Queen Senara, the crown prince Castor, and Castor’s fiancÚ Kestrel.  Not long afterwards, the court mage Willa comes stumbling in.  After arrangements for Amorette’s room are made, Senara retreats for the evening.  Amorette then witnesses an exchange of harsh words between Castor and Kestrel, and learns that the two are entering an arranged marriage, much to their chagrin.  She is informed by Willa that there is additional spite between them, due to Kestrel’s anger at court murmurings of an affair between Castor and a lady of the court, Cambria.

The next day, Amorette attends a tea function after an invitation from Kestrel.  Kestrel is initially pleasant, but becomes upset when Cambria fails to attend.  Later that evening, a small dance is held in honor of Amorette.  There is a shouting match between Kestrel and Castor that the entire court overhears.  Their primary source of angst is, once again, Cambria.  However, Castor also accuses Kestrel of having her own affair with the captain of the guard, Kelarn.

The next morning, Senara and Amorette meet, and negotiate over plans to send Calatian troops into Shaldani.  Just as Amorette is planning to leave, Cambria bursts into the courtroom, brandishing a bloody sword.  She announces that Castor is dead and the sword was found in his room.  Upon further inspection, the sword is discovered to be Amorette’s.  Amorette is immediately taken down to the dungeons.  However, the court mage, Willa, does not believe that Amorette is guilty and frees her from the dungeon.  The two break into Castor’s room and look in his daily planner.  They discover that he had planned to meet with Kestrel and Cambria within one hour of each other.  Remembering the shouting match between Kestrel and Castor the night before, Willa tells Amorette to shadow Kestrel.

Amorette follows Kestrel to Cambria’s room.  Kestrel heatedly accuses Cambria of murdering Castor.  Cambria calmly replies that she did not and suggests Kestrel should go cool down.  Kestrel announces her plans to have Willa to look at the sword and determine with magic who Castor’s killer was.  After Kestrel leaves, Cambria runs to the throne room, where Senara still sits with the sword.   Cambria attempts to steal the sword, but as various people fill the throne room, she realizes she has created a bit of a scene and therefore has been discovered.  She gleefully confesses to everyone in the room that not only did she kill Castor, but she is a spy from the Ebene, who are planning on making Calatia their next target.  As Amorette attempts to kill her, Willa turns Cambria into a bug and she is subsequently squished.

A grief-stricken Senara thanks Amorette for helping them discover the truth about Cambria.  After some coaxing from Willa, Senara informs a delighted Kestrel that she will be wed to Kelarn.  Senara then asks Amorette what they can do to repay her.  Amorette remembers a dying Aden and asks for him to be healed.  Willa consents, and also gives Amorette a special, glowing orb to carry for her wedding.  Senara adds that the troops will be sent to Shaldani, and also gives Amorette various gifts to take home with her.  Meanwhile, back on the first floor of the Phoenix House, Aden awakes from his coma.