Phoenix Fighters Episode Guide

She's A Diamond
The Ties That Bind
Malik Must Die
Scarlet Letter
Summer Lovin'
One Fine Day
Call of the Wild
Be Your Own Windkeeper
The Collector's Edition
What I Did For Love
Twisted Every Way
Chain of Command
The Botan Boys
Til Death Do Us Part
The Great Rescue Part One
The Great Rescue Part Two
Broken Lines
The Dust of Life
The Persephone Game
Monkey Business
The Calatia Affair

What I Did For Love

Shawn becomes desperate to find Casey.  Defying Adriana's orders, he sets out on his own, traveling to the Ozdust Ballroom where the royal family are in hiding.  There, he meets with Princess Aislinn, Casey's cousin, and speaks with her about Casey's awful upbringing.  Aislinn doesn't know where Casey has gone, but suggests that he try going to her mentor, Doctor Ruth Massie.
Back in the House, Mia finds herself being courted by both Tristan and Kazuo, much to the resentment of Adriana.  Adriana, however, has her sights set on Aden.  To her utter annoyance, Aden insists on being proper and forestalls any courtship between them.  Both equally angry over Shawn's disappearance, they make a bet on a round of firestakes.  When Aden loses, the responsibility falls on him to punish Shawn if and when he returns.  Adriana is then forced to deal with extreme sickness after Jonas somewhat botches a potion to abort her pregnancy.
In the town of Saavik, Shawn finally manages to locate Doctor Ruth, but she proves to be less than helpful.  Ruth behaves in an irratic, irrational manner and quickly, Shawn deduces that the Ebene have driven her mad.  His theory is soon confirmed when a former Ebene mercenary, Quinn, arrives on the scene.  Shawn leaves briefly, but when he returns, Quinn tells him that Ruth has killed herself, but left some coordinates that may very well be Casey's location.
Tranns discovers Lucien standing on the roof of the House, despite the fact she knows his fear of heights.  He tells her that he is attempting to get over his fear, and suddenly reveals to her the real reason behind it.  His parents were thrown over a cliff by his aunt.  Tranns promises to keep his story a secret and thanks him for trusting her.  He merely replies it was about time she knew the real reason why he killed his aunt.
Shawn and Quinn find themselves in Sybok.  There, Kit tells them that Casey stopped by briefly to warn her about a new Ebene toxin that destroys the brain.  She urges them to return to the House and tell the others.  Reluctantly, Shawn agrees and he trudges home with Quinn.  When they return, they call a meeting and just as Shawn is about to explain the situation, Casey appears at the front door.  She too has come to explain about the toxin.
Lex urges Casey to speak with Shawn and hear him out, having guessed at their close relationship.  Although she is reluctant, Casey finally meets with Shawn.  He tells her the entire story of what happened with Mia and after some convincing, Casey accepts the truth and they fall into each other's arms.  Meanwhile, Adriana and Aden recklessly surrender to passion.  On the roof, Cecilia, Lucien, and Tranns, savoring the first snow in Shaldani, notice something strange about Phil.  Later that night, Adriana, Amorette, and Aden discover him going through Aden's desk, looking for the Hind's Blood dagger.  When the threatens Adriana with a fake one, the Phoenix Fighters' worst fears are realized.  Philip Dragmire has returned.